In order to tackle widespread youth unemployment in India, IT Work Lab offers this online platform, in which freelancers and employers can be matched and connected according to the skills of the first and the demands of the latter. The usage of this platform is entirely free of charge. A rating system in which both sides can rate and write references about each other’s impressions after their service relationship is concluded, provides for the safeguarding of high standards of quality on both the freelancers’ and the employers’ side.

IT Work Lab is a platform relevant for any young person in India looking for employment or a side job next to their studies and willing to gain valuable professional experience, as well any business with specific short- to mid-term service needs requiring qualified and engaged young people.

The goals of IT Work Lab are to fight the contradiction of unemployment and lack of qualified professionals in the business sector. It envisions to create opportunities and connect freelancers and employers on a national scale through the online platform.

WHY IT Work Lab?

In practice, the average Indian graduate needs to wait for up to 2-3 years before he can secure permanent employment. Many youths forego valuable practical experiences in their trained field of work, while the gathering of such is crucial for the shaping of a confident and competent professional character.

Meanwhile, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), being forced to operate on slim budgets in dire economic times, can economize by hiring freelancers. Freelancers can render indispensable specific and qualified services to businesses, corporations and individuals, which are not capable of affording a permanent full time employment to accomplish these tasks.